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Soft transfer disc

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Soft transfer disc

Item #: 50412
Manufacturer: Petermann

Availability: In stock

Product Description

Soft discs are made of a very soft, flexible and skin-friendly material. The back side of the soft discs is made of an ultra-low friction material and makes the disc extremely easy gliding. The surface is made of a coated foam material and offers a comfortable and non-slip seat.

The soft discs are very flexible and with only 5 mm height the user feels safe and comfortable when sitting on the bathlift. The soft discs allow optimum freedom of movement in the desired bathing position. The soft transfer disc can be fixed with a strip behind the bathlift back and avoids slipping to the front. The soft disc can be combined with a hard-wearing hygiene overlay that is used instead of the padded seat cover.

Soft disc and hygiene overlay together: a perfect solution for the transfer on and back from the bathlift. Both – soft disc and hygiene overlay – can be machine-washed up to 60° C.