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Lifts 101

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The full body lift has several advantages. It allows heavy patients to be transferred while decreasing stress on caregivers while also reducing the number of nursing staff required to move patients. It also reduces the chance of orthopedic injury from lifting patients. Patients who have medical conditions that do not allow them to be bent and compressed by the sling as they are hoisted (i.e., cannot withstand "vertical transfer") will require specialized slings which can lift horizontally, or use other assistive devices for transfer.




Electric Full Body Lift

These powered patient lifters are perfect for transfers from bed to chair, chair to bath or commode, and will save the caregiver's back. The smooth, quiet transfer of a power lifter reduces patient anxiety and provides more focus on the person being lifted. Electric patient lifts come with powerful rechargeable power-pack batteries that fully charge in 4 hrs. The easy-to-use power system reduces caregiver injury and provides more security for the patient during transfer. Simply charge the battery at night or when the lift is not in use. Batteries charge fully in 4 hours. The high-torque electric motors are capable of lifting from 450-lbs up to 1000-lbs.

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Manual / Hydraulic Full Body Lift

Hydraulic Patient Lifts, these manual-hydraulic Patient Lifters have easy to use hand-pumps that operate the hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic pumps are easy to use regardless of the patient"e;s weight. Economical Patient Lifts are the safe way to transfer from bed to chair, chair to bed, toileting, bathing and showering. Be sure to consider your particular application when selecting a lift and sling combination. Having the right tools for the job will insure patient comfort and safe transfer.

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AKA: Stand-Up Lifts, Stand-Aid, Sara Lift, Stella Lift, Stand Assist Lift, Sit-to-Stand, and Hoyer Journey

Standing Lifts are designed for secure patient transfers as well as supported walking. The ultimate solution for worry free transfers between beds, wheelchair or commode. Stand Up Lifts help prevent caregiver injuries. Ideal for use with weight-bearing or fully dependent patients as well as those needing rehabilitation support. Mulch-function slings allow for quick toileting, stand assist or full-support seated transfer.

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The video below is about the Hoyer Journey Professional stand assist lift. This model is light-weight and folds for easy storage. Because of its compact size, this lift can be transported in the trunk of a car.


This full body patient lift can be used to transfer a patient in and out of a car. Hoyer Professional Advance-E Portable Electric Patient Lift can be folded and easily transported in a trunk of a car. Sling compatible with vehicle transfers is the Hoyer Advance Access Toileting Sling.


This full body patient lift can be used to transfer a patient from floor to bed.


1. Tub size - Before purchasing a bath lift always make sure you know the measurements of the length, width and height of the bath tub to ensure that the lift will fit properly in the bath. Most lifts fit within a standard size tub of 29" x 48", but extensions are available for some lifts to accommodate whirlpool style tubs and other deeper baths. We provide specific dimensions for each of the bath lifts we sell to help you ensure the bathtub lift you purchase will fit properly in your home.

2. Seat Size - The size of the seat on the bath lift chair is important to consider for several reasons. Consider your own mobility first, and then look to see if the size of the lift seat will allow you to get in and out of the bath comfortably. Depending on your physical limitations, you may want a bath lift chair with wings or flaps on either side of the seat, which creates a transfer surface. A transfer surface provides you more room to maneuver yourself over the top of the tub wall. Other lifts offer an additional rotating seat that not only aids in moving you over the top of the bath wall, but also helps you get out of the bath lift seat easily by rotating your body for you.

3. Lift Range - The lift range of the bath lift chair is the height at which the bathtub lift will sit above the tub and how low into the bath water you'll be able to go. Look at the lift range to help you understand if the lift will rise high enough that you're able to easily move over the bathtub wall or if you would need to find a different bath lift with an increased lift range.

4. Attachment - Safety is important to us, all of the bath lifts sold by Amica Medical have a suction cup attachment to keep the lift in place while in use. Not only are safety cup attachments necessary to keep you safe in your bath lift seat, you also need to make sure the suction cups are compatible with the surface on the inside of your tub. Some suction cup attachments will not stick to textured surfaces so be sure and look at the interior surface of your tub as well as discussing the bath lifts suction cup compatibility with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

5. Lifts per Battery charge - With safety in mind again, Amica Medical only sells bath lifts which are battery run so you don't have to worry about power cords by your bath. Each bath lift has a lithium ion battery that will power the lift at full speed and capability until it is fully drained; the lift per battery charge refers to the number of times the bath lift seat will rise and lower before the battery needs to be recharged. You never have to worry about getting stuck in the bath because the bath lifts won't lower unless there is enough battery power to also rise. Charging the bath lift battery is easy and convenient.

6. Reclining - For those wanting to use a reclining bath lift in a deeper model bath tub such as a whirlpool tub, the Drive Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter is an excellent choice. The Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter has the lowest minimum seat height on the market and a maximum seat height of 18.8", is the lightest bath lift available at only 20.5lbs, and assembles/disassembles with ease. Additionally, the padded back rest and seat make bathing very comfortable and the floating hand controller ensures easy use.

If you desire a non-reclining model, the AquaJoy Saver Fixed Back Bath Lift by Drive Medical is a durable model. Its safe and efficient mechanism provides years of trouble-free operation.